Control Cube


As Covid-19 stormed the world and began to change all of our daily lives, there rose the growing need for support for our essential workers and at-risk individuals. For any advancement in the aim to reduce the spread of the virus and bring a level of normalcy back to everyday life. As a company, we felt the need to contribute and do our part to flatten the curve. We initially began by using our 3D printing resources to create Faceshield components that would later be donated to our local hospital and nursing homes. We later decided to apply our more technical skills to develop a Covid-19 solution. We entered the #HacktheCurve competition hosted by the DMZ

For 48 hours we worked to research, brand, and develop a Covid-19 solution that would be scalable enough to help millions of people and easy enough to implement so that it would not be limited to rich world countries. After stumbling across a CNN interview including Bill Gates, founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we realized the great need for a unified testing platform. This would enable countries to prioritize testing to the people of greatest need, such as essential workers and healthcare professionals. This would allow municipalities to reduce testing backlogs, enhance communication, and gain analytics into current demands for testing.

Control Cube was born.

Within the remaining time, we focused on developing a practical MVP ( minimum viable product ) that would allow users to submit their need to receive a test based on their symptoms and pre-existing medical conditions. From there this information would then be passed on to municipalities leaders and hospital officials who could put this information to best use. Integrated business intelligence dashboards would provide visual representations to predict current and future testing requirements but also give the ability to detect breakouts based on location. Allowing for additional contact tracking, another key solution that would be required to flatten the curve as highlighted once again by the Gates Foundation in one of their highly informative GatesNotes blog posts.

Below you Can see some images of our platform.