Property Management

With the rise of Airbnb and other home rental platforms, many homeowners are turning to this as a means for maximizing unused real estate. However, with this comes to a growing need for management and security needs. Unwanted parties and uncooperative tenants often lead to a complexity of issues that leave homeowners at risk of damages and other incurred costs. Our full range of services enables Airbnb hosts to more effectively track and manage their listings.

Power Saving Lighting Management

Ensure that you do not overspend on lighting costs due to unturned light switches. Our automated lighting management system will ensure that all lights and appliances are properly turned off prior to the arrival of guests and after they have checked out. Gain full control of your complete lighting setup directly from your phone.

Enhanced Home Security

Efficiently and effectively monitor the guests that enter and stay in your suite. Increase your sense of comfort by being able to reliably track when your clients arrive and leave. Direct notifications will alert you of any breaches or doors left unlocked before, during, or after your tenants stay.

Advanced Access management

Be in full control of who is able to enter your suite at any point in time during their stay. With our fully integrated digital lock system, you will be able to change passcodes and adjust access levels on the fly. Whether this may be allowing guests entry or changing passcodes upon their checkout.

Never have to worry about locked out tenants or lost keys again

Tier One Entertainment

Improve the attractiveness of your listing and value of your home with fully integrated entertainment systems. Gain the ability to play music throughout the house or stream movies directly to your televisions just by the click of a button. Perfect addition for any millennial or tech-savvy guests.

Seamlessly paired with any smart home devices such as Alexas and Google Assistants.