Home Automation_

Ultra Bespoke

We focus on the unique needs of executive homes, providing a world class experience. Our systems are broken down into six key categories:


From cameras that utilize machine learning and computer vision, to custom circuits that control physical access, we’ve made an entire suite of security that can turn your home into a veritable fortress. You data is also kept private and secure, encrypted with industry leading software security.


Our lighting engine can handle a large range of situations, one of which is a circadian rhythm lighting system, tuned to your preference is a favorite choice. Our utilization of machine learning to turn the lights on and off in a pattern that emulates you being home, we can also enhance the security of your home. Complete RGBW solutions give and ultimate level of control for any situation.


Whole home audio and video control, with custom home theaters with cinema grade equipment. Considerations of space, acoustics, aesthetics and visual quality are at the cornerstones of our A/V offerings.


Homeostasis for your home is our aim. Constantly perfect temperature, light and other variables that affect your comfort are controlled automatically.


We run our software using enterprise grade standards and practices, on cutting edge hand assembled servers. This translates to a fast, reliable and future proof system. We also network homes for speed and a seamless experience. This is the backbone on which everything runs.


Whether the project calls for a custom circuit board to control unique machinery, or a touch screen magic mirror as a centerpiece for your connected home, we have the expertise to control it. Outdoor watering and garden systems, pool controllers, license plate readers… the list goes on and on.

What is the Current Status Quo?

Nearly all home automation systems are put in place by “authorized integrators”, who install one of a few systems: Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant. This system is rather akin to franchising, whereby these integrators sell and install these respective systems using resources solely provided by those companies. They get the benefit of not having to develop the system, but are confined to any restrictions of each system. We happily list our competitors systems here because we’re strong believers in far exceeding the status quo.

Why We’re Different

We install an open-source, security centric and privacy first system called Home-Assistant. Powered by over 1577 developers worldwide, using Home-Assistant gives us several key advantages over other systems:

  1. Privacy First
  2. Technology Agnostic
  3. Proactive and auditable security standards
  4. Fast Iterative Cycles
  5. Industry Leading Adaptability, Compatibility and Extensibility

Above and Beyond

We have the in house capability to design and manufacture PCBs to truly automate anything you can think of, including older systems without smart capabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!